MZ Wars

After 2 years of planning, we are excited to kick off our very first competition! MZ Wars will be the first of many to come. It will be a team of two competition for all skill levels!

We will have 6 different divisions 

  • Women’s RX
  • Women’s Scaled 
  • Men’s RX
  • Men’s Scaled 
  • Coed RX
  • Coed Scaled 

There will be a total of 3 workouts plus a floater.  Everyone is invited!

First place RX divisions will receive cash prizes. 

There is only 8 spots per division so sign up ASAP!

Workouts will be posted soon so check them out for movement list and standard!

Parking available behind the gym. Spectators are free so invite your friends and family for support! As a safety measure, don’t forget to wear your masks! They will be required for everyone unless competing and on the competition floor.